Telehealth Phone & Video Update – April 8, 2020

We have made it easier for you to see your povider without leaving the home, using Telehealth.

Children & Adolescent, P.C. is now offering appointments on phone or video.


What is Telehealth?

It’s an appointment on your phone, tablet or computer, where you will speak to one of our providers directly.

Many health issues can be solved tvia phone or video and it’s a great pre-screener to touch base with your healthcare provider.

Sometimes, the provider will need to see you in person and ask you to come in for a follow up appointment, or provide you with the next steps.


How much is a Telehealth appointment?

Telehealth will be billed just as if you came into the office to see your provider.

This is a new situation for all of us and though it is an uncertain time, our number one priority is helping you safely and conveniently access the care you need for your child(ren) and we look forward to supporting you in whatever way we can.


Always remember, your child is the center of our world!

For more information, visit our FAQ’s HERE.

Click here for more nformation from the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services.