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At Children & Adolescent Clinic, we believe in providing specialized care for your growing child. Children need individualized attention at every stage from infancy to college age. Let our team of experienced specialists take care of your child!


Pediatricians are specialists who have three years of training beyond a medical degree to prepare them in caring for health care needs of infants, children and adolescents to college age. Our experienced and caring staff can answer many of your questions on topics such as growth and development, breastfeeding, school problems, nutrition, feeding problems and parenting.


When children reach about age 12 (or take their seventh grade physical), they develop a new relationship with their health care provider. This means adolescents have the opportunity to be examined and counseled alone to discuss any concerns. Your teenager has special needs and may want advice on issues including body changes of puberty, growth and hygiene, menstruation, acne, nutrition, exercise or transitions to high school and college.


Child Psychologist Dr. Jody Lieske is the primary psychologist at the Children and Adolescent Behavioural Clinic, located next door to our clinic in Hastings. Dr. Lieske collaborates with our physicians and other community professionals to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment for a wide range of issues at home and school. For appointments call the Hastings office on (402) 834-2438.

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